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        Grab series
        Hopper series
        Lifting sling series
        Electro hydraulic grab
        Electro hydraulic grab is an effective tool for loading and unloading yellow sand, coal, mineral powder, ore and cement in various harsh environments.
        Good material finishing
        All oil passages are maintenance free
        Hydraulic system fully imported
        The oil cylinder is equipped with buffer and rigid shield
        The bucket body adopts high-strength plate and surfacing
        The hydraulic system has data monitoring points
        Integrate innovative technologies to create a series of high-quality products
        Provide high-quality mine crushing equipment and provide detailed technical support; With the advancement of national infrastructure construction, our building crushing equipment can continuously process high-quality sand and gravel aggregates for infrastructure construction projects; As an overall solution provider of grinding equipment, we should provide customers with grinding equipment and services from a single set to a full set of systems; Our equipment can meet the needs of customers in the fields of high-quality machine-made sand preparation, dry mixed mortar production, green mining industry and urban construction waste reuse, and improve the process performance of the whole system
        Quanzhou paide Machinery Co., Ltd
        Quanzhou paide Machinery Co., Ltd., founded in May 2012, is located in Quanzhou, Fujian Province, an ancient civilized city in China. The company has 82 professional employees of various types, including 1 senior engineer, 4 engineers and 5 assistant engineers. It is a scientific and technological enterprise integrating scientific research, design, production, maintenance, sales and service. It is a grab, fixture and One of the advanced manufacturers of slings and rigging. The products adopt advanced design schemes, technical specifications, manufacturing process, process flow and services at home and abroad. With advanced design concepts and mature technology, process and management in the field of grab, fixture, sling and rigging, they rise rapidly in the field of grab.

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